In the shadow of the Cold War, Fenton Paddock is facing the hardest fight of his life. While the tensions between the superpowers threaten to tear the world apart, the British soldier has to save his family that has been caught by powerful enemies.

His adventure leads Fenton far beyond the Iron Curtain and finally onwards to mysterious, uncharted territory. He has to finally face the dark powers of his past and learn what it means to take on responsibility.


Date de sortie
Windows PC
Tranche D'Âge
PEGI 16+


  • Legendary and mystical – Our Hero Fenton Paddock joins a new thrilling adventure in the shadow of the Cold War of the 1940s and 50s. On an exciting journey across the continents Fenton encounters new allies and obscure dangers which hold their own secrets
  • Colorful and hand-crafted – Thanks to the Unity 5.0 3D Engine the developers created a vigorous and rich 3D World with a love for detail which the the Players can dive right into. At the same time all the zones keep their hand-crafted charm which fans of the genre love and enjoy so much
  • Intuitive and challenging – open doors, pick locks, combine different components… the Game comes with a lot new haptic features which puts the Player right into the middle of what is happening around him and always calls the player to action. In Addition to this brand-new features, a variety of tricky and challenging new puzzles and puzzle types are waiting to be solved
Lost Horizon 2



A Saints Row update from Jim Boone, Chief Creative Officer, Volition

Saints Row will no longer release on the originally announced date of 25th February 2022, instead it will launch worldwide on 23rd August 2022. Our priority is to create the best Saints Row game yet and, if we released on the original date, it wouldn’t be up to the standards we’ve set...
08/06/21 | Chivalry 2

Que la joute commence ! Chivalry 2 est maintenant disponible

Découvrez le trailer de lancement sur la chaîne YouTube de Deep Silver, ici : L’ultime champ de bataille médiéval est enfin prêt ! Le développeur Torn Banner Studios, l’éditeur de jeux vidéo Tripwire Presents et son partenaire et co-éditeur Deep Silver...
10/02/21 | Gods Will Fall

Découvrez la roadmap pour les futurs DLC de Gods Will Fall !

Deep Silver révèle les détails concernant les futurs DLC de Gods Will Fall. Trois seront payants et le DLC Dolmen Depths sera, quant à lui, gratuit.  Disponible au cours du deuxième et du troisième trimestre de cette année, chaque DLC inclura un niveau entier ainsi qu’un nouveau...
29/01/21 | Gods Will Fall

Gods Will Fall est désormais disponible !

Deep Silver est heureux d'annoncer que Gods Will Fall est désormais disponible sur PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, PC et Stadia. Il s'agit d'un jeu d'action dans un univers médiéval-fantastique mettant en scène les quelques guerriers celtes rescapés d'une armée...
24/11/20 | Gods Will Fall


Deep Silver est heureux d’annoncer Gods Will Fall, un jeu de Dark Fantasy prévu pour le 29 janvier 2021 sur PlayStation®4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch™, PC et sur Stadia. Développé par le studio Clever Beans, situé à Manchester, Gods Will Fall raconte...