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Hot on the heels of last week’s SOUTH AMERICA trailer, we can now introduce team MEXICO. They are now in line to join the battle to become THE KING OF FIGHTERS in the next team trailer for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV.

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Ramon is an influential luchador (Mexican pro-wrestler) who has been called the « strongest human alive », and is known for his always cheerful and frank personality. Although small for a fighter, he toys with his opponents by utilizing his agility and skilful throws.

Angel is a modified human of the secret organization NESTS. Her fighting style is called « Perfunctory » and uses a succession of complex attacks called « Unchained » that make for unrivalled power in close-combat. She has many unusual behaviours as well as an elusive personality.

King of Dinosaurs is a mysterious heel wrestler; a villainous fighter who wears a tyrannosaurus mask. While his true identity is unknown, King of Dinosaurs is capable of taking down seasoned martial artists with his powerful wrestling moves. Countless scars engraved upon his body also remain a mystery.