Following a day in the life of Henry – the games protagonist -today’s video gives an extensive look on all key features of Kingdom Come: Deliverance including the detailed combat system. To survive fights in a country which is torn apart internally and invaded by foreign forces, evening the odds is key when rushing into a battle and the game offers plenty of more prudent approaches for players who keep an eye open.

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Every choice bares a price to pay and forces players to face the consequences when they follow their own paths and dive deeply into the story of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Choose your own path and pick them wisely never has been more true when players will encounter numerous missions, quests and opportunities along their way. Building up their reputation amongst common folks and high born leaders alike as they follow the son of a blacksmith on his path to revenge. Besides just learning how to fight – reading, bargaining, alchemy and many more skills are at hand to help Henry in a world on the brink of a bloody civil war.