We are pleased to announce the launch of the patch for Saints Row®: The Third – The Full Package on Nintendo Switch. This update will fix major issues while adding Aim Assist and Dynamic Resolution to the game. See below for the full patch notes:


Dynamic Resolution:
Dynamic resolution has been added to ensure smooth performance by reducing resolution when necessary – as standard in handheld mode, players can expect between 720p and 480p, and in docked mode 1080p and 720p. This feature can be disabled by players if they wish.

Aim Assist:
Aim assist has also been added to enhance player experience.
Auto rotation: if the crosshair is close enough to an enemy in hipfire mode, it will snap on to the enemy upon aiming down sight (Button: ZL)
Slow down: when the player is aiming down sight and the cross hair is moving across an enemy, the camera will slow down to assist the player in staying on target.
This feature can be disabled in the “options” menu at any time if players wish.

Graphical fixes:
• removed transparent artefacts on screen.

• Fixed diagonal analogue stick directional issues.
• Increased the highest controller sensitivity, players can now choose a sensitivity from 0 to 100.
• Increased aim acceleration.
• Made controls more responsive.

• fixed issue where menus would stop responding, forcing the player to restart the game.
In addition to the fixes outlined above , we want to assure players that there are some fixes still in development, and we will have more news on those soon.

Sound issues:
• Fixing sound/music issues when player moves their weapons.

Gyro Aiming:
• We are looking to add Gyro Aiming features using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers.

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