In anticipation of the scariest night of the year, the mobile fantasy RPG Sacred Legends by Deep Silver FISHLABS and Chimera Entertainment receives a frightful content update entitled “Monsters of Halloween”.

Sacred Legends News 1

Among others, the free expansion adds scary boss events, mythic equipment and otherworldly creatures, such as demon spiders and zombie trolls. On top, it introduces a fearsome end boss in the form of the wraithlike Ghost King.

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The official “Monsters of Halloween” trailer gives a lively impression of the update’s gloomy dungeons and eerie enemies. It is available on YouTube via The app itself can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free via the following links.

Free download on iOS:
Free download on Android:
Official Sacred Legends website:

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Starting Thursday, October 27, a special boss event called “Monsters of Halloween” sets the community up against the aforementioned Ghost King and his undead entourage. Embarking on this blood-curdling crusade is rewarded with mythic equipment that not only bears more power than regular gear but also has a visual impact on the players’ avatars. At later points, new boss events such as “Orcs Uprising” or “Elemental Assault” will follow.