Deep Silver and KING Art Games today released a new Iron Harvest 1920+ trailer introducing further details on the thrilling story. Following the three factions, Polania, Saxony and Rusviet and their unique heroes deeper and deeper into the evolving conflict, today’s video gives a glimpse on the rich and atmospheric storytelling of Iron Harvest. Alongside today’s video the digital gamescom content for the upcoming classic RTS was confirmed.

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Iron Harvest 1920+ at gamescom 2020:

Iron Harvest will be part of the experience in 2020. Visitors of the unique digital only event can join Iron Harvest in the Koch Media section on and explore tons of streaming-content, game information and much more….

gamescom Iron Harvest presence:

(Note the gamescom page will be live August 27th)

The digital gamescom from August 27th – 30th will also see the maiden Iron Harvest eSports finals. In cooperation with ESL and TaKeTV, Deep Silver and KING Art games are hosting an extended competition featuring two days of group play and one day for the Playoffs to determine the first ever Iron Harvest gamescom 2020 champion!

Watch the matches live here: or directly via the Iron Harvest gamescom page.

The participants are a mixed group comprised of the four winners from the ESL Iron Harvest Pre-Season Cups and four selected RTS pro players. Casting the games will be a selected group of known eSports casters joined by experts from the Iron Harvest team. The full list of participants will be announced after the final qualifier on the Iron Harvest channels.  


Group A
Friday, August 28
Group B
Saturday, August 29
Sunday, August 30

5:00 pm

Match 1 Match 1 Semi 1

5:30 pm

Match 2

Match 2

6:00 pm Winner Winner

Semi 2

6:30 pm



7:00 pm

2nd Place

2nd Place


7:30 pm


(All times are CEST! BO3 – Best of 3)

Keep an eye open for further details and content to be announced shortly.