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Celebrating the successful release of the critically acclaimed RTS Iron Harvest, KING Art Games are happy to release the first new multiplayer map and adding the co-op mode for the story campaign today.

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Additional new content will be added to the game according to last week’s released road map, including the highly anticipated ranked mode. This will allow players to climb up the diesel punk ranks and fight for the crown of 1920+. Later on, new 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 maps will bring even more variety to the world of 1920+.

Native Mode:

To support and maximize the immersion into the gritty 1920 + Diesel Punk universe, KING Art Games released a new Native Story Trailer that highlights all the included voice over languages. Experience the epic overarching story in each faction’s native language with this unique level of immersion.   KING Art games worked with five studios and over 100 voice actors from Germany, Russia and Poland speaking their native language to create this thrilling gaming experience.

Thanks to this effort from KING Art the native mode throws player right into the middle of this European conflinct and they can dive even deeper into the thrilling story line.  It s truly amazing seeing my artwork and the world I worked on coming to live in this way. For me personally I wouldn’t play it in any other way then with the native languages for each faction, it just adds so much to the experience,” states Jakub Rozalski, the artist behind the world of 1920+.