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In pursuit of former team IKARI, the next team in the running for the title THE KING OF FIGHTERS is team ANOTHER WORLD, a highly skilled team of extraordinary women. Together Nakoruru, Muimui and Love Heart form an energetic alliance, keen to battle in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV.

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A mysterious Ainu priestess, Nakoruru is capable of communicating with nature. Devoted to protecting nature, she will later become a spirit of Earth. She sensed a gathering maliciousness in a space-time crack that had concerned her for some time. In order to prevent disaster, she travelled through time to the present.

Muimui is a descendant of the Dragon Clan. In addition to strict Kung Fu training, she hit the jackpot with the intense power from her dragon blood. She is on a journey to find jewels which hold a mysterious power. She is an energetic and gluttonous girl.

Love Heart is captain of the Peace Sky Pirates who defend peace in the skies. Her father Like’s dying wish was for her to lead his gang. With extreme physical ability and even-tempered judgment, she continues down her path to victory. Although she acts brave in front of her companions, she still has a childlike side that shows from time to time.

European fans attending gamescom 2016 will also the able to get their hands on THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV at the Deep Silver booth on the showfloor area, this year in Hall 9.1 / Booth B011. At six gaming stations, 12 players can prove their skill and try to earn the right to the title THE KING OF FIGHTERS. Burn to Fight!