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A gripping tale of revenge, betrayal and discovery. Embark 
on an epic journey from a humble blacksmith’s forge to the court 
of Kings.

From bustling city streets to lush forests, discover this open-world Medieval Europe through an unforgettable adventure filled with action, thrill and wonder.


Kingdom of Bohemia, Early 15th Century: chaos has befallen the kingdom.
As invaders pillage this ungoverned land, sowing fear and terror, Henry of Skalitz seeks revenge for his murdered family.

Now a trusted member of the rightful king’s allies, Henry is sent to escort Sir Hans Capon on a diplomatic mission. After they are ambushed and nearly killed, the two young men embark on a series of perilous adventures, putting their skills, character and friendship to the ultimate test.


Data di uscita
Windows PC, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5
Action RPG
Sito Web
Classificazione Etá
PEGI 18+


A Medieval Tale

With over five hours of cinematics, live life through the eyes and actions of Henry, a young man on a quest to avenge his murdered parents. Cross paths with a charismatic cast of characters and an unforgettable set of adventures, as you transform from aspiring warrior to rebel.

RPG Experience

Immerse yourself in this vibrant region of Europe, where your actions shape Henry’s destiny and how the world reacts to him. Customise his appearance, skills and equipment as you travel around the land engaging in unique activities, such as blacksmithing or alchemy.

Open-World Adventure

Discover a stunningly beautiful yet, brutal medieval world. Engage with peasants – and talk with nobles – as you discover bustling city streets and lush forests in an authentic open-world Medieval Europe filled with taverns, bath houses, castles and more.

Authentic Combat

Feel the clash of steel and visceral combat as you engage in thrilling real-time battles. Attack on foot, on horse or by stealth as you master a range of authentic weapons and combat styles. Specialise in elegant sword forms, brutal blunt weapons or deadly ranged attacks.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2



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