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Get your first look at Resistance Mode!


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Resistance Mode is the brand new four-player co-operative online experience for Homefront: The Revolution, first playable in the upcoming Closed Beta.

Take your friends online in a range of diverse Missions where you and your fellow freedom fighters battle the KPA in the ways best suited to urban guerrilla warfare. Unlock gear and weapons to tackle your favourite Missions under the hardest of circumstances.

To play Resistance Mode before release, simply register for an account here for a chance to get into the Closed Beta, running from February 11-14 on Xbox One.

Homefront: The Revolution releases on May 20, 2016. Reserve your copy at any retailer and automatically get the Revolutionary Spirit Pack, which includes the Red Skull motorbike skin and the Golden pistol skin for use in campaign and instant unlocks of the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope, and Remote Explosives for Resistance Mode.