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The ‘Performance Patch’ adds two more Missions to Homefront’s co-operative experience, Resistance Mode. In Boom Patrol the KPA are massing their drone forces, in preparation for a huge mechanised assault, and the Resistance must destroy their fuel supplies to thwart the imminent attack. Indy Forever sees a desperate defence of Independence Hall using a captured Goliath to repel the KPA’s counter-insurgency into the Lombard Yellow Zone. Resistance Mode players will notice a number of gameplay improvements, including the addition of new ‘Guerrilla Score’ and ‘Renown’ features.

The update also provides a significant performance boost on both console and PC – full patch notes can be found on the Homefront community forums at https://www.homefront-game.com/forum/index.php?forums/official-announcements-news.13/, but the main areas of improvement are framerate and overall performance, thanks to a focus on GPU, lighting and particle optimisations, and checkpoint save and enemy spawning optimisations.

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