Wormholes open. Conquerors appear. Planets fall. The Shroud Nebula is about to be seized and raided. And only you can stop it. Team up with longtime allies and old enemies alike to save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Void!

Show diplomatic refinement and tactical finesse in Galaxy on Fire – Alliances, the first multiplayer game set in the iconic GOF universe. Harvest recourses, erect structures, earn credits, manage bases, train soldiers and compile fleets. Form strong treaties with other commanders and fight side by side with your alliance. Rise to power and take claim of the entire Shroud Nebula.


Release date
Android, iOS
Strategy MMO
Age Rating


  • The first multiplayer game set in the GOF universe
  • Easy-to-access alliance and PvP gameplay
  • Specifically designed for mobile use on touch devices
  • High-end 3D graphics and spectacular visual effects
  • A much-frequented universe in pocket size
Galaxy on Fire – Alliances





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