Following last week’s team CHINA, next in line for the right to be titled THE KING OF FIGHTERS is team PSYCHO SOLDIER. Keen to introduce themselves with this week’s team trailer for the PlayStation®4 exclusive title, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV, each member of team PSYCHO SOLDIER has interesting skills in store to relinquish their foes with.

Athena is a high-school pop idol, fighting evil to bring about world peace. Her fighting style is composed of the psychic powers she was born with and Chinese Kung Fu. She is a hard worker, both polite and serious. As a high school student, idol, and fighter, her days are never dull.

Sie Kensou is a young man who utilizes psychic powers and Chinese Kung Fu. As a disciple under Chin Gentsai, he undergoes intense training alongside Athena Asamiya. With a frivolous and always cheerful personality, he fulfills the big brother role well. Although he is secretly in love with Athena, they are nothing more than close friends.

Chin Gentsai is a master of Chinese Kung Fu and the Drunken Fist. His foes are at the mercy of his tricky moves, whilst he manoeuvres with a round flask in one hand. Although he cannot use psychic powers, he leads his psychic disciples Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou down the proper path.