After team PSYCHO SOLDIER, the next team in the running for the title THE KING OF FIGHTERS is team IKARI, a highly trained team of mercenaries. Made up of Ralf Jones, Clark Still and Leona Heidern, all three are ready to battle in the THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV to gain and hold this prestigious title within the fighting scene.


Ralf is a colonel and one of the mercenaries led by Heidern. A combination of Heidern-style assassination moves and martial arts make up his unique fighting style. He is extremely caring and his subordinates Clark and Leona, who accompany him on missions, trust him deeply.

Clark is a lieutenant and mercenary who has fought alongside Ralf on numerous battlefields. In addition to Heidern-style assassination moves and martial arts, he specializes in wrestling throws and locks. Always calm, he has earned immense trust from Ralf.

As the adopted daughter of Heidern, Leona belongs to a mercenary corps and has received military training from a young age. The Orochi blood flowing within her veins led to an awakening of power. Although taciturn and poor at expressing emotion, both Ralf and Clark have occasionally seen her smile and cry.