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Freefall Racers

Xbox LIVE® - Racing

Available for:
Xbox LIVE®

About the game

Come fly with usá and discover a world ruled by flying squirrels with an unquenchable desire for skydiving in Freefall Racers! Pick your favourite squirrel from a host of unique characters and explore 8 exciting jungle, winter and dessert inspired routes. Use Kinect to fly your friends nuts as you'll turn any race in your favour by using power-ups and bonus-items found on your way down. These nutty antics will be enjoyed over and over again. For 1-2 players.


  • The only Freefall racing game
  • 9 Nutty characters
  • 8 exciting routes
  • Crazy power-ups
  • Fly your friends nuts!



  • Xbox Kinect

Age rating

Deep Silver Inc., Larkspur, USA.

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