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Saints Row IV Reverse Cosplay Contest

Saints Row IV Reverse Cosplay Contest

Are you a cosplayer? Are you creative with outfits and designs for the perfect cosplay, and have you always wanted to create an outfit that would be in a game? This contest is for you!

Create your own dream outfit for your Boss in Saints Row IV, and we will pick two winning outfits to turn into actual in-game outfits for Saints Row IV and release them as FREE DLC for all platforms for the community to use!

Official Rules

How To Enter

• Enter the contest by sending your entry by email to Opens window for sending emailsaintsrowcontestdeepsilvercom.

• Your entry can be a drawing of an outfit design (digital artworks or scanned images of physical drawings), a collage of outfit pieces and the entire outfit, photos of an actual design you have created with your own materials for the contest, a video featuring the design; anything goes!

• Photos and images should be attached in the email. Any videos should be included as a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting services.

• If you have any: include a link to deviantART, Tumblr, or any other site you use to show off your craft, and we will attribute full credit if we post your entry on our social media channels.

• Last but not least: include a name you’d like for your outfit.

Contest Rules

• You must be 18 years old, or 14 years old and have permission from your parent or guardian to participate.

• This contest is valid worldwide, and ends on October 31, 2013.

• By participating in this contest you grant Koch Media GmbH, including publisher Deep Silver and development studio Deep Silver Volition, the rights to use your design to create in-game outfits for use as Free DLC in the game Saints Row and for related promotional activities and all related commercial exploitation as e.g. in Trailers or Movies/Films etc.. You further confirm that you claim no rights over the in-game outfits design and assets submitted by you as part of Saints Row and for this reason Koch Media GmbH/Deep Silver Volition will be justified to use the design and assets for the products of  Saints Row and all exploitation of the brand without any limitation. Koch Media GmbH/Deep Silver Volition will especially have no duty to compensate you for waiving any rights to this design and assets.However, you will be able to use your creations private and for your own non-commercial purposes without any restriction

• Outfits may not be racist, pornographic, homophobic, or hateful in nature. Keep it safe for work!

• Outfits cannot be in violation with existing laws or copyrights, such as Marvel or DC Comics super hero outfits. It has to be your own creation.

• For this contest, the Terms & Conditions of the official Koch Media contest Terms & Conditions under Austrian law apply: Opens external link in new

• Koch Media GmbH and Deep Silver Volition reserve all rights to the contest, including – without limitation – to stop it at any time. There is no title or demand possible.

Judging Process and selection of winners

Contest entries will be judged by Volition on creative and artistic merit, as well as on the possibility to recreate the outfit within Saints Row IV’s engine’s technical restrictions.

Protip: don’t make a giant tentacle monster suit with 100 moving parts! Volition also has the right to modify the submitted entry as needed for technical, creative, and artistic reasons. We won’t change your idea too much, but in some cases it won’t be possible to create a 1:1 replica in-game.

Winners will be notified by email first, and later announced on Deep Silver’s websites and social media channels.

All decisions are final.

Deep Silver is a division of Koch Media GmbH

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